Why Sipperment Worth ?

Currently, the pods on the market, including head brands, all use Felt / Fleece materials as fragrance carriers for the sake of cost and production convenience. In fact, this material does not meet strict food grade standards and is not suitable for use in infants and children.

Joyfit® Sipperment launched the world's first food-grade carrier particle pods. We used CORN FIBER as the flavor carrier, citrus peel fiber as the carrier wrapping material, and put it on a food-grade PP material shell. These three materials are all internationally recognized Food-Graded material, the cost of the entire pod is 3 times that of German brands, and the quality far exceeds competing products.

At the same time, we are also the only merchant brand in the world that can support any mixing and matching of individual flavor pods.

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2024 Jan New, One Cup Can Taste Scented Water and Brewing Solid Beverages.

£1.0 / Pod Era

We believe that affordable prices and products that exceed expectations are not contradictory.

Scented water that can be tasted every day is the concept of healthy water life.

Without huge advertising fees and celebrity endorsement fees, we can bring you the most affordable products with higher quality than competing products. This is also the concept of green, environmentally friendly and sustainable development that Joyfit® - Sipperment has always advocated.

Flavor Pod Collection

I want to taste every flavor, triple packs is too much!