How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a tester scent pod?

You can choose to buy a kit with one pod and add additional flavored pods

Are your bottles BPA free?

Of course, we use the best Tritan material, which is high temperature resistant, does not release BPA, and is harmless to the human body after long-term use.

Does it actually work?

It will work, but the principle is different from how we drink drinks. It uses odor molecules to make us feel that we are drinking drinks, but in fact what we drink is water and we will not ingest excess flavor components.

Can I use sparkling water?

Yes, you can also add tea. The solution in the bottle will not react chemically with the scented pods, so there are many combinations to try!

How long do the pods last?

One pod can hold 10 liters of water

Are your bottles dishwasher safe?

They absolutely are thanks to being made from Tritan!

What are the flavours made from?

Food essences that are entirely natural provide flavor to our aroma pods.

We are happy to announce that these are totally gluten-free and vegan!

650mL Product Tutorial

400mL Product Tutorial