Joyfit® products are designed and produced based on the principle of post-nasal smell. Unlike our common drinks, the gases of scented aquatic products and flavors are not dissolved in water, but enter the mouth along with the water. What you drink is still water, but after The retronasal sense of smell in the mouth can sense taste, thereby deceiving ourselves. Through Joyfit's products, we can drink more water, fall in love with drinking water, and realize the value of good health.

Joyfit® has been researching food-grade pods for many years to bring you the taste of pods with excellent taste. You will only drink 100% pure water, but you can taste 200% of the taste in the world. We call this technology smell Deceive and obtain Chinese invention patents and European and British design patents.

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Currently, the pods on the market, including head brands, all use Felt / Fleece materials as fragrance carriers for the sake of cost and production convenience. In fact, this material does not meet strict food grade standards and is not suitable for use in infants and children.

Joyfit® Sipperment launched the world's first food-grade carrier particle pods. We used CORN FIBER as the flavor carrier, citrus peel fiber as the carrier wrapping material, and put it on a food-grade PP material shell. These three materials are all internationally recognized Food-Graded material, the cost of the entire pod is 3 times that of German brands, and the quality far exceeds competing products.

Due to the use of natural corn fiber particles, the spices in the carrier can achieve natural volatilization and long-lasting fragrance locking effects, which is an effect that other brands of pods based on the aroma stick principle cannot achieve.

At the same time, we have improved the ergonomic design of the pods. The round pods are prone to slipping and cannot be pulled out, resulting in a poor experience. We spent a lot of energy and money to develop square pods. After improvement, they are easier to pull out from the silicone mouth and can taste several flavors at the same time. At the same time, due to the increase in the square area, the flowing aroma increases and you can drink The taste is stronger, all of which are created based on our unremitting pursuit of consumer experience.

For consumer recognition, we also spend a lot to obtain various certifications around the world, including FDA, SGS, CPC, CCPSA, EC and CE. This is something no other brand can match.

At the same time, we are also the only merchant brand in the world that can support any mixing and matching of individual flavor pods.


JOYFIT® - Sipperment


Pod - Carrier

Corn Fiber

Felt / Fleece

Pod - Wrapping

Citrus Peel Fiber


Pod - Ingredients

Natural Extract


Customized Combination


Cleaning Brush


To purchase separately


1 to 1 manual online service

A bot that responds very slowly


Square pods - easy to pull out, greater ventilation

Round pods

Fragrance Effect

Durable and stable

It starts out very strong, decays quickly, and is unstable.

Food safety certification


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